Let's get growing!

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No yard? No problem.

Good news - you don't have to have a yard to have a lovely garden. From flowers to herbs to vegetables, we've got you covered. Our botanical experts will curate a box special for your garden. 
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Struggle to keep a plant alive?

Some people have a natural "green thumb" and know a lot about different plants. You don't? That's okay. We'll send you hardy plants, herbs, or vegetables that suit your garden. We'll even provide quick tutorials to help cultivate the urban garden guru in you.
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Don't have a garden store nearby?

Don't worry about having your garden ready for the arrival of our box. If you need a trowel, pot, or watering can, we'll make sure it's in the box when we deliver it to your door. No need to run out to the store and pick up additional supplies. If you already have tools, that's great! Just let us know and we'll make sure not to send you duplicates.